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10 Smallest Dog Breeds on Earth

Dogs love and want to be loved. They live to love and please their caretakers. Their mission is
to make humans happy. Dogs seem to have an incredible sixth sense, and they listen to you
without judging. Though they can’t speak, they have a high level of compassion and
understanding. They indeed have the best cuddles, and all your worries fade away with that soft
and warm hug. That cute reaction when you come home to your dog is priceless. It is not wrong
when we say that dogs are the most loyal beings because they refuse to leave your side,
whatever be the case. They guard and protect you throughout and make you feel loved and
wanted. Dogs help improve your physical and mental health.

The love is mutual, and these tail-wagging companions are the best company. You can train
these intelligent creatures well, and people who are dog parents lead a happy and healthier life.
They help reduce your stress and anxiety levels and also help treat depression and grief. They
steal our hearts and serve as activity partners and loyal companions. Dogs are referred to as
the man’s best friend. Small dogs which weigh less than 30 Lbs. make great pets. Cute,
adorable, and charming ball of fur that adds a lot of happiness to your life. They are easy to
take care of and travel with.

Let us discuss the ten smallest dog breeds on Earth:


This is the smallest breed of dog in the world. Chihuahuas weigh around 0.9 – 2.7 kg. They
originated from Mexico and are named after a state in Mexico. Their features include a small
rounded head, round eyes, and erect ears. The breed can have both short and long hair with a
wide variety of colors and patterns. They are intelligent and can learn tips and tricks quickly. All
they need is proper care and skillful training. Chihuahuas bond very quickly and love
unconditionally. They’re easy to travel with because of their small size. Chihuahuas are good
watchdogs despite their size, but you cannot leave them alone as they are at risk of being
attacked by other bigger dogs or animals.

 Yorkshire Terrier

Famous for their long silky hair, the Yorkshire terrier weighs around 1.3 – 3.2 kg. Their features
include a small head with medium-sized black eyes and v-shaped ears. They look fascinating
because of their silky hair that comes in a tan or steel blue color. Yorkshire Terriers need to be
trained at a young age to improve their confidence levels. They cannot resist extreme
temperatures, so they are not meant for outdoor living. Yorkshire Terriers are good watchdogs
and bark at strangers to make you aware of the danger.


They are one of the most popular dog breeds, which weigh around 1.9 – 3.5 kg. They come in a
wide variety of upper coat colors and can range up to 23 different shades of cream, red, orange,
chocolate, white, and Wolf or Beaver sable. Pomeranians are easy to travel with and make a
great companion after training and early socialization. This dog breed is very active, intelligent,
and social. Pomeranians are good watchdogs who bark as soon as they see strangers. Since
they shed their coat hair heavily, daily brushing and combing is a must for them.

 Toy Poodle

Toy Poodles originated in France and are also known as Caniche or Duck dogs. Poodles come in
three sizes, generally referred to as toy, miniature, and standard poodles. Toy poodles are the
smallest, with a height of about 10 inches and weight around 3 – 4 kg. Poodles are known for
their looks and friendly nature. The main features include the square proportional and rounded head. The ears hang down, making them look adorable. They have a curly coat that makes
them look super cute. Poodles come in many coat color options like white, cream, silver, and
apricot. Unlike the Pomeranians, they don’t shed much hair, but their curls need proper
maintenance. Poodles are intelligent dogs that need to be trained early. They’re very playful,
and you can enjoy their company endlessly.


These dogs are named Papillon because of their butterfly-shaped ears. Papillons are small
affectionate dogs with a height of about 11 inches and weigh approximately 3.6 – 4.5 kg. Their
hair coat is soft, long, and silky. They need to be adequately trained to help them socialize with
people. Since they are very active, a daily walk is a must for them. Daily combing of their hair is
a must to maintain curly hair.


The Pug is a small cute dog that has a flat round face and a lot of wrinkles. Pug is a Latin name
that means a fist. They were named Pug because their face looked like human fists. Pugs are
small dogs with a height of approximately 14 inches and weigh around 6 – 9 kg. Their flat round
head, small ears, curly tail, and wrinkles on the face distinguish them from all other breeds.
Pugs are easy to train and are excellent watchdogs. Pugs love their masters unconditionally and
get along with other pets very well.


This is a Chinese name that means the little lion. Shih-Tzu were named so because the long
hair on the face resembled the lion. Shih-Tzu is a small breed that weighs around 4-7.2 kg.
They are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Shih-Tzu have long silky hair and do not
shed their hair often. This breed is very calm, gentle, and loyal, making them a good companion
but are not a good watchdog.

 Bichon Frise

This breed of dog originated in Spain. They’re tiny, cute, cheerful, intelligent dogs. They weigh
around 5 -10 kg and have a dense coat of curly white hair. They resemble the White Poodles.
This is a breed of happy dogs that are very patient. They are very social, friendly, and can be
trained easily.

 Boston Terrier

This small dog breed is a well-muscled, square-shaped appearance dog. Boston Terriers have
a broad chest and short tail. Boston Terriers weigh around 4.5 – 11 kg, and this breed needs
early socialization to learn the tricks quickly. They are highly loyal and playful, but Boston
Terriers need to be kept indoors as they cannot withstand extreme climate changes.

 French Bulldog

This breed is unique as French Bulldogs have a shoulder height of 30 centimeters and weigh
about 9 – 12 kg. They have round bat-like ears and short, muscular bodies. Proper training is a must for them. French Bulldogs don’t bark a lot and are pretty playful and affectionate. French
Bulldogs get along very well and are one of the most intelligent breeds.


These small dogs are a part of many American Kennel Club groups in the United States, so it is
easy to find the perfect breed that you need. All dogs differ in their personality, appearance, and
activity levels, but they all form great companions. Just take proper care of their physical body,
give them proper dog food, assist in their training, and shower them with unconditional love.
These small dogs will indeed prove to be your best friend