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12 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs are Great Pets for Kids

Guinea pigs are gentle, small, and friendly; they are perfect for young families or individuals
looking for a pleasant companion on a small scale. These are just a few of the many qualities
which make them an excellent pet for kids.

If you are not sure about a guinea pig as a pet, this will tell you everything you need to know. We
have compiled a list of 12 significant reasons why this long-haired social being is a great pet for

Are Guinea Pigs Related to Pigs?

Guinea pigs are rodents. Wild Latin American guinea pigs are closer to chinchillas than mice or
rats. You will commonly find them in Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela.

12 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Great Pets For Kids

When deciding on a pet for your children, guinea pigs are worth considering. These tiny creatures
are docile and do not attack children. They are also less fragile than many other animals. Here are a few
reasons why guinea pigs are great pets for kids.

 Guinea pigs are gentle with kids.

Small children tend to play rough with pets and sometimes may quickly
frighten them. On some occasions, an aggressive pet may counterattack your kids.
Guinea pigs are social and gentle, and they love to be handled; they would neither fret nor
become aggressive at your children’s touch. A guinea pig becomes more social when taken
with affection; they develop a bond of love and care when your kids play around with them.

 Guinea pigs are easy on guardianship.

There is not much responsibility in taking care of these adorable little creatures. All you have
to do is change their food and water daily, clean their cage and bedding. They don’t require a
daily walk like dogs or much training. All they need is a clean, safe space, love, and care. If
you are a frequent traveler, you can take them everywhere without much hassle.

 Guinea pigs are easy to groom.

Grooming a little guinea pig is an easy task and won’t take long. Grooming will need only a
few basic things: brushing their coat, trimming nails twice a month, and a weekly bath. You
will not have a messy house full of hairs like in the case of dogs

 Guinea pigs are affordable.

When it comes to cost, guinea pigs are inexpensive. Adopting a guinea pig will cost you only
a few dollars. Maintaining and feeding them is also very cheap. A large bag of edible pellets
costs about $20, which would last about a month. Guinea pigs are herbivores so that you can
feed them fruits and vegetables from your kitchen supplies.

Guinea Pigs have a comparatively longer life span.

As pet parents, we all know how a void is created once your pet dies. Compared to smaller
pets, a guinea pig lives up to seven years when you take adequate care of them. We know
seven years may sound like a short life span, but the life span is only two years compared to
its family rodents.

 Guinea pigs accommodate in a small amount of space.

Guinea pigs are cute little creatures, and they don’t require a lot of space to live. A small
enclosure measuring 36″ X 30″ is all that is needed to accommodate them. If you can make it
a little bigger, it is even better. Setting up a small area covered with grass to graze in your
lawn is also great for these little friends. Look for some small toys and setups for them to hide;
chewy toys are also something that they will love.

 You will love to cuddle them.

Guinea pigs will develop a great bond with you of love and friendship. Initially, they will run
around and hide from you, but you will love to hold and cuddle them soon after developing
a bond. Start creating trust by hand feeding and maintaining them. Try this daily, and
within a week, they will be cuddling and resting in your lap.

 Guinea pigs are adorable.

All pets are cute when they are babies, but guinea pigs will remain adorable forever. You will
love their fluffy coats, friendly nature, and delightful squeaks. It is hard to find a pet as
delectable as these little creatures.

 Guinea pigs get attached to their owners.

Guinea pigs become used to the sound of their masters. Children will love to hold them and
speak with those tiny friends. Once guinea pigs hear their voice, they will respond and come
running towards them. Your kids will develop a friendly bond of love and affection with their
furry friends. This bond will teach them the value of love and friendship.

Guinea pigs are unique.

When it comes to color and personality, no two guinea pigs are alike. All guinea pigs have
variable traits and characteristics. Once you develop a relationship with guinea pigs, you will
understand their nature and unique characteristics. Even the bonding between a guinea pig
and owner can be as strong as dogs. Guinea pigs are of various colors, mainly a mix of brown
and white. It will be a challenge to find identical guinea pigs in a group.

 Guinea pig’s language is easy to understand.

As you spend time with your adorable pets, you will begin to understand their language, and
what they are trying to tell you. Their joyful squeaks and happy pops will say to you they need
a cuddle. Guinea pigs are intelligent creatures, and they remember signs and language related
to cuddling and food.

 Guinea pigs get along well with others.

Guinea pigs are happy to coexist with other guinea pigs; they are much better in a group than
alone. A companion will give them a friend to play around with and will not need anything to
stay occupied. If you are planning to get a male and female together, they are prolific breeders.
You must plan out space and prepare for new babies.


If you are deciding on a pet for your kids, guinea pigs would be an ideal choice. These cute
little creatures are adorable, friendly, and easy to maintain. Bring home this delightful fluffy
creature, and you will love them