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Common Things All Dogs LOVE!

Dogs are very social creatures that love to be with their owners and other dogs. They also thrive on human interaction and enjoy doing things with their owners. Below is a list of some everyday items that your dog may like!


Going For Walks!

Most dogs love to go for walks, just about as much as their owners do. Walks are great exercise, and it’s also a good time for you and your dog to bond. If you have more than one dog at home, multiple walks can be beneficial so that they can play together during the day!

Playing Fetch

Fetch is another great way to spend quality time with your dog, and it’s also helpful in keeping them fit. Tossing a ball or toy back and forth is an activity that stimulates both physically and mentally. It will tire out your dog quickly!

Snuggling On The Couch Watching TV

Dogs are naturally social creatures, meaning they enjoy being around others. It’s also comforting for them to be close to you at all times. Watching TV is another activity that will bond you and your furry friend together.

Going On Walks At Night

Walking your dog at night is an excellent way to socialize with other owners, as well as keep your dog fit. Since most dogs are not allowed off the leash, it’s a time for them to run freely without having any distractions or interruptions! Plus, walks at night are usually very peaceful and relaxing. It may even be something everyone in the family can enjoy together after dinner!

Playing Tug Of War

Tug of war is an excellent game because it stimulates both physically and mentally. It’s a good idea to have your dog work for their food, so wave a treat or toy in front of them during this game to increase motivation!

Playing Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is another excellent activity that stimulates both the mind and body. You can play it with your dog indoors or outdoors – your dog will love running from one hiding spot to the next, as well as searching for you when it’s their turn. Plus, it’s an excellent way for you two to bond together!

Playing With Other Dogs

Dogs love to play and socialize with other dogs, so take your dog out to the dog park often! They will have a blast playing with friends and sniffing new scents for hours on end. It’s also a good idea to enroll them into doggy daycare once or twice a week to give them that extra boost of confidence and energy!

Eating Dinner

Food is essential for every animal and provides them with the calories they need to stay healthy and energetic. Feeding your dog at dinner can be fun if you cook their food yourself or prepare interesting recipes using meat as the main ingredient; there are plenty of healthy recipes for dogs!

Runs In The Yard

Dogs love to run, so give them plenty of space to do so in your backyard or a park. Even though they may not have many places to roam around freely, dogs will appreciate being outside. Be sure to play with them when they are inside as well, though–it’s essential for dogs who live in an apartment too!

Doing Tricks!

Tricking is another activity that stimulates your dog mentally and physically, allowing you to bond together since it takes patience and time. It can be fun watching your dog learn how to do new things and even more rewarding when you see your dog mastering their new skills.

Playing With Their Toys

Playing with your dog’s favorite toy is another great activity that stimulates both the mind and body, which will tire out your pup very quickly! It also gives them a job to do, which they enjoy doing for you of course. Be sure to rotate their toys every week, so this doesn’t get boring for them!

Going On Long Walks In Nature

Walking through forests or grassy trails can be relaxing and soothing for not only yourself but your dog as well. Most dogs would love going on long hikes at least once a week, if not more often, depending on how much exercise they need to become happier! It’s also a good idea to bring some water along the way – be sure that it’s a fresh, clean source.

Chewing On A Bone Or Rawhide

Although chewing is normal for dogs, it can also be an excellent energy outlet when they need to release their pent-up energy! However, make sure your dog isn’t swallowing large chunks of the bones or chews since this could become dangerous for them over time. Look for natural chews made with real ingredients, so you know what you are giving your pet!


Every dog loves being pampered by its owner, giving them plenty of opportunities to be hugged and petted. Massage their furry coat often as well, which can help prevent shedding all over your house!

Going For Car Rides

Try taking your dog out for a drive at least once a month, if not more frequently, depending on how much exercise they need. 

Catching The Frisbee

Dogs love to run around outside with you – especially if you are throwing something for them to catch or chase! If your dog enjoys chewing on things, make sure it’s an old toy that won’t hurt them when chewed upon since this can damage the teeth and create an environment for bacteria in their mouths.

Laying Outside In The Sun With You

Sunlight is essential to our health, so it’s equally important for dogs! It helps keep their skin healthy and gives them the energy to run around outside all day! Even though they can’t absorb vitamin D from sunlight as we do, they still enjoy laying out under the warm rays. 

Getting Belly Rubs

Belly rubs are another way to show affection towards your pet–it feels great and stimulates the mind as well! Be sure not to put too much pressure on their stomach or be rough during this process since that could turn into a negative experience instead of a positive one if done incorrectly. 


Dogs love their owners unconditionally, and we must give them just as much love back! Your dog would love you even more if you played with them for just an hour or two per day–and they would most likely need less exercise overall too. By taking the time to have fun with your pup, you show how much you love and care about them, strengthening their bond together. Whether you have a dog of your own or are thinking about adopting one soon, it’s always a good idea to know what kind of activities they would want you to do together.