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Does Your Dog Follow You Around The House? Here Is Why!

Dogs are often called man’s best friends. But why is that so? Is it because dogs love you unconditionally and will do anything for a pat on the head or a treat? Or is it because you know dogs won’t judge you and they’ll always be there to greet you with wagging tails? When you really think about it, there are endless reasons why your dog is your best friend. One other reason is dogs will almost always follow you where ever we go. Which includes following you around the house. This isn’t just because dogs like attention there are plenty of other reasons for it. This article is going to go through some of those reasons.


To Protect You

One of the reasons dogs follow us around is to protect us. This is especially true if you have a dog that has been trained to be a guard dog or an attack dog, such as a German Shepherd for example. Dogs will always try and keep watch over their owners and this includes following their owner everywhere they go. They want to make sure if something suspicious were to happen then they will be there to protect you.

To Keep an Eye On You

Another reason your dog will follow you around the house is that they want to keep an eye on you. This means dogs sometimes aren’t happy when you go into other rooms in the house without them, but it’s completely understandable since there are plenty of things that could happen while you’re gone. Keeping an eye on everything while being right behind you will make your pup feel a lot better. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on you because otherwise, they can’t know when it’s time for treats.

To Play

Let’s face it nobody likes being alone all the time. Dogs are not fans of being alone either! If your dog is following you around the house, they may either be looking for attention or want to play. Most dogs will do anything for a game of tug-of-war, fetch, or a walk around the neighborhood. They’ll even go as far as barking at you to get you to play with them. If your dog is following you around the house it might be time for a game of tug or fetch!

To Show Their Love For You

Of course, dogs love their humans unconditionally, which means they’ll follow you anywhere. Not only are pups excited to see you when you get home from work, but they’re also excited to see you wherever else you go in the house. You can take that as a sign that your dog will forever be loyal to you no matter what. As long as you treat them right, they’ll show their love for you in so many ways!

To Eat

One common reason dogs will follow you around the house is because they’re hungry. When all else fails and your dog is in a good mood, it’s time for some food! Of course, this might be difficult when you’re trying to cook and clean and your pup is following you around like a shadow. If you are eating, it doesn’t matter what type of food you’re eating or if there’s only enough for one your dog will do its best to follow you around to get some! So if your dog is following you around the house, it might be time to treat them to something delicious.

To Be Let Outside

It might seem like a silly reason, but this is definitely one of those reasons. Dogs need to do their business and that’s pretty much it. If your dog is following you around the house, they’re probably desperate for some fresh air and time outside to go to the bathroom. They may also be ready to go on a walk so remember to take them out regardless of if they’re following you around the house or not. Your dog will be happier and so will your floor!

To Relieve Their Anxiety

Another important cause of dogs following you around the house is to relieve their anxiety or stress. Dogs get stressed out too, especially when there are new people in the room. If your dog is constantly following you around the house, they might be feeling very anxious. There are many ways to help reduce your dog’s anxiety including taking them for a walk, giving them some playtime, and petting them. Whatever you do to help relieve your dog’s anxiety is a step in the right direction.

To Sleep With You

When your dog is tired, they’re not afraid to let you know. If your dog is following you around the house, it could be because they just want to sleep, but they also want to sleep by your side. There are plenty of reasons why dogs will follow their owners into bed, including warmth and security. Of course, some people don’t mind if their pup sleeps with them while others might prefer to sleep by themselves. It’s important to respect your dog’s needs but also respect your own needs as well.

To Get Your Attention

One of the most common reasons behind dogs following people around the house is to get their attention. If your pup is following you around like a shadow, it’s probably because they want to spend some quality time with you. They’ll do anything to get your attention, even if that means giving you a bath with their tongue. It’s important not to ignore any of the requests coming from your pup if they’re following you around the house. Remember all dogs love their humans unconditionally so it’s important to show them how much you love them back.


Dogs can be a handful but they’re also a lot of fun. If your dog is following you around the house, it’s likely that one of the reasons on this list is why. It’s important to understand and respect your pup. If you’re trying to do homework or work on your computer, try giving them some playtime or a walk instead of ignoring their needs. Remember dogs will follow you around the house for many different reasons but one of those reasons is certain; love.