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 Five Beautiful Birds For Pets

 Many people choose birds as pets, and they can be very good pets as long as they are familiar with you and do not fly off when you let them out. Many birds have good bonds with their owners, and if you can develop this with your bird, you will enjoy keeping these birds. You might need to give an exotic bird some special care, so be aware of all this before buying these birds. Try your best to find a good cage big enough for the bird you wish to get. Also, find the proper food that you know the bird will like.



This is quite a popular bird among bird lovers. It is very smart. Cockatoos can become very affectionate with the people who are taking care of them. To get this affection, you will have to take care of them and treat them very well. Cockatoos have white feathers with a little bit of salmon, peach, and yellow under their tails; there is a touch of these colors on their necks and cheeks as well.


Macaws are also called the king of all parrots. These birds have a wingspan of about four feet, and they are very loud. These birds are good pets when you train and socialize them well. If you get these pets, be prepared to take good care of them because they require it. These are lovely birds that are good in terms of their personality. As macaws age, they might become more cranky. Please do not keep them in cages with smaller birds or around children because they have powerful beaks that can cause damage.


Caiques are a medium-sized part that from South America. These birds can be very stubborn, so if you want them to behave well, you must train them. If they are trained, then they do become very friendly. These birds can speak, but their pronunciations might be a little difficult to understand.

Eclectus parrots

These parrots are mostly in the South Pacific islands. Some people believe that these are the most beautiful parrots. The males and females of these birds look a little different. The males have iridescent green feathers, and the females have purple, red, and blue feathers. These birds are quite good with humans, and if you have them, you would love their personalities. They can speak well, are normal in temperament, and they are passive most of the time.


Mynahs are very popular exotic birds. They might be the most popular of this group. Mynahs can talk well and even mimic sounds exactly as they hear them. You would have to train them if you want them to be good pets. If trained well, they are very playful and friendly. Mynahs need time every day to play and be out of their cage. They are quite social in this way. If you want a cuddly bird, then this is not the bird for you. This bird can get friendly, but the cuddling part is not something mynahs want to do.


Before you buy an exotic pet, it is very important that you know all about the animal and you have done your research on what the animal eats and the cost of its living. Speak to your local vet as well and get to know more about the bird. If you know what the bird likes etc., then your bird will be happy and healthy. Some exotic birds can be very expensive, so make sure that the bird you are buying is healthy and does not have any sickness, etc., because you might waste lots of money if the bird dies or if you have to get it treated. Do not keep your bird in the cage all the time.