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Fun Ideas For A Hamster

A hamster is a cute little pet who loves to be played with gently. Hamsters love a lot of activities that are not very harsh. You need to introduce safe games to play to keep them happy and
healthy. It’s crucial to analyze their natural habits. Hamsters are not morning critters and are generally awake at night. If you try and play with them in the morning hours, they may get
cranky. Evenings are the best time to play and interact with them.

Both Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters can quickly begin to enjoy your presence, but all activities need to be nocturnal, as forcing them to play in the morning hours can cause them
stress. You must be well aware of their sleep cycle and play games to enhance their natural curiosity. It will not only help them exercise but also develop a strong bond with you.

Some Fun Activities With Hamsters

Obstacle Courses

Hamsters are very curious by nature. They love to explore their surroundings by burrowing, and tunneling under different objects. Your hamster would love an obstacle course with things available at home. You can form a tube-like structure by joining paper towels or toilet paper rolls together with tape. You can even use PVC tubes to create a tunnel. Your hamster would love to run
through this maze. You need to be cautious when playing outside the cage because they are so quick that they can escape in the blink of an eye.

Exercise Wheel

Hamsters love running on an exercise wheel. Find a wheel that is not made of wires so that your pet does not suffer any injuries. Also, check that the wheel does not make much noise as the
hamsters love it so much that they might play on it all night long. Place the wheel in their wire cage and enjoy watching your hamster run around on the wheel.

Hamster Ball

Hamsters need daily exercise for about half an hour. Playing with a plastic ball is a great fun-filled option for them. Gently place the hamster inside the exercise ball and enjoy watching them
run inside the ball. Make sure that you do not leave your pet unattended. Hamsters are gentle creatures and might get hurt easily if the ball accidentally falls from a height. You should make
sure that your hamster does not run into walls, hard surfaces, or furniture. Hamster balls are one easy way to have fun, but you must be very attentive while your hamster plays with the ball.

Teach Them Tricks

Just like you train a pet dog, you can teach various tricks to your hamster too. Keep treating them with goodies during the training sessions. Jumping, standing, and rolling are some easy,
fun tricks that you can teach your hamster easily. Once your hamster has learned the stand command, you can move on to a jump. You can teach them to respond to their name, jump
through loops, or spin around. Initially, you need to give them treats for motivation, and with time they will master these tricks.

Hamster Maze

You can create a maze and try your hand at some homemade hamster toys using old cardboard available at your home. A maze acts like a brain-storming exercise for the hamster. A small cardboard box can be cut open and converted to a play zone for your hamster. You may even purchase hamster toys and mazes online.

Cage Add-ons

You can easily add a fun element to your hamster’s cage. You can decorate the cage with homemade hamster toys. You can create magic using cardboard, toilet roll tubes, popsicle
sticks, shredded paper, small plastic tubs, and plastic pots. You can make chew balls, wheels, mazes, and other small toys for them to play with alone. Your creativity combined with the
available space can create fun things for your hamster.

Running On The Grass

Hamsters enjoy being out of their cage and love to run in the grass. But you must take adequate precautions before bringing them out. You must check that the temperature is mild as they can
quickly get heatstroke in bright sun or frostbite in cold climates. Check that the grass has no chemicals sprayed on it. Consuming chemicals is bad for hamsters. Always be vigilant that
neighborhood cats do not catch them.

Climbing Rope

Hamsters love to climb. You can place a maze made of strings or ropes in their cage. Many climbing toys are available online and at retail stores that would help your hamster climb up and
down and have fun.


Hamsters are small, gentle, and fun-loving animals. Get creative and make a nice hamster cage and homemade toys for your pet. You can teach them tricks and play outside in the garden.
Make sure they exercise daily, so placing a hamster wheel or a hamster ball is a good idea. Take into account that your supervision is a must. Play with your hamster late in the day and let
them rest during the daytime