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House Items You Should Not Leave Around With Pets

Owning a pet can bring immense joy to your home, but it’s essential to understand that there are potential dangers for your furry friends if you’re not careful about what home items they have access to. Whether you own cats or dogs, items like food containers and strings can be extremely hazardous–not only do they present a choking hazard, but they may also contain ingredients that could make an animal sick. In today’s post, you’ll learn about some of the most common house items you should never leave around with pets to keep your four-legged friends safe while still sharing the same living space!


The Curious Nature Of Pets

Pets have a curious nature that often leads them to explore their surroundings with great enthusiasm. Whether it’s a cat pawing at a loose thread on the blanket or a dog sniffing out a new scent on a walk, pets are always on the lookout for new experiences. This innate curiosity is not only adorable, but it also highlights their intelligence and adaptability.

However, this same curiosity can also lead pets to put themselves in dangerous situations if left unsupervised. If they come across items they aren’t familiar with, such as electrical wires or hazardous chemicals, they could end up getting hurt. This is why creating an environment where pets can explore safely while still sharing the same living space is crucial.

House Items You Should Never Leave Around With Pets

While your living space should be a safe haven for your pet, there are certain items that can pose a risk to their safety. It’s best to keep these out of reach or locked away in secure containers:

Choking Hazards


It’s easy to forget that what’s harmless to you can be dangerous to your pets. Everyday items such as toys, small decorative pieces, or jewelry can pose choking hazards. Dogs and cats, especially puppies and kittens, are often curious and use their mouths to explore their environment. If they get hold of a small item, they may try to swallow it, leading to choking. Regularly check your floors and low shelves to ensure no such items have been accidentally left out.

Moreover, always supervise your pets when they’re playing with toys. Ensure that pet toys are of the appropriate size and aren’t easily breakable. Be mindful of toys with small parts that could be swallowed if the toy is damaged or destroyed. It’s better to invest in high-quality, durable pet toys that can withstand your pet’s playful nature.

Toxic Plants


Many popular indoor and outdoor plants can be toxic to pets if ingested. Lilies, for instance, are highly toxic to cats, while dogs should avoid eating azaleas, rhododendrons, and sago palms. If you’re a pet owner, always research a plant’s safety before bringing it into your home or planting it in your yard.

You should also ensure plants are placed out of reach of your pets, especially those that love to climb or jump. Remember, dogs and cats can be persistent when they’re curious about something, so it’s essential to check regularly that your plants are still secure. Consider using hanging planters or high shelves for potentially harmful plants.

Harmful Foods


There are a surprising number of foods that are safe for humans but can be harmful, even fatal, to pets. Foods like chocolate, onions, grapes, raisins, and alcohol are all toxic to dogs and cats. Ensure these foods are stored safely away from your pets and that food waste is disposed of securely.

It’s also important to educate any guests about not feeding your pets from their plates. Even foods that aren’t toxic may still cause upset stomachs or other issues if they aren’t part of your pet’s regular diet. The best way to keep your pet safe is to ensure they only eat food specifically designed for them.

Cleaning Supplies And


Household cleaning supplies and medications are another significant hazard for pets. These items often contain chemicals that can be harmful, even deadly, to animals if ingested. Always store cleaning supplies and medications in a secure location that your pet cannot access.

It’s also essential to ensure your pet is kept away from areas that have been recently cleaned with chemical cleaners. These chemicals can stick to their paws and fur and then be ingested during grooming. Similarly, remember to pick up any dropped pills immediately. Some medications can be extremely harmful, even in small doses, if ingested by pets.

Electronics And Wires


Electronic devices and wires can pose a danger to pets, especially those with a habit of chewing. Exposed wires can lead to electric shock if chewed on. Ensure wires are safely concealed or inaccessible to your pets.

In addition, small electronic devices like earbuds or smartwatches can be a choking hazard. Store these devices securely when not in use. Charging cables, too, can be a temptation for curious pets. Be mindful of where you charge your devices, keeping cables out of reach whenever possible.

Plastic Bags


It may seem harmless to leave plastic bags lying around the house, but the truth is that they can pose a serious threat to your furry friends. Pets, especially dogs and cats, are curious creatures that love to investigate new objects and textures. Unfortunately, if they mistake a plastic bag for a toy or a snack, the consequences could be fatal.

Plastic bags can suffocate pets if they get stuck over their heads or noses, causing them to panic and struggle to breathe. Additionally, the chemicals used to produce plastic bags can be harmful if ingested by pets. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your pets away from plastic bags and dispose of them properly to ensure their safety.

House Items And Pets: Balancing Convenience and Safety


While it might seem daunting to ensure every aspect of your house is pet-safe, remember that it’s a matter of balancing convenience and safety. By being mindful of where you leave certain items, you can prevent most potential mishaps. Make use of high shelves, cupboards, and other storage solutions to keep things out of reach of your pets.

Furthermore, consider pet-friendly alternatives where possible. There are pet-friendly plants and cleaning supplies available on the market. By swapping to these, you can maintain a safe environment for your pets without compromising your home’s aesthetics or functionality.

Be Aware Of The House Items You Leave Around With Pets!

Your pets often feel like family members, and like any other family member, their safety and well-being should always be a priority. Being mindful of the house items you leave around with pets can ensure they stay happy and healthy. Remember, it’s about being aware and vigilant about the potential dangers that everyday objects can pose to your furry friends. So take time to create a safe, happy home for your pets where they can explore, play, and relax without risking their health!