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How To Take Care Of Your Goldfish

Carassius auratus, commonly known as goldfish, is a famous fish that humans have had as pets for ages. Goldfish is an iconic fish that anyone can recognize, even those who have never owned an aquarium. You might not have a lot of experience taking care of pets, so you can get a goldfish because you do not need to do too much. Below are some tips and tricks that will help your goldfish live a longer, happier life.


What is the appropriate size of a fish tank

For the most appropriate tanks concerning your goldfish, you should begin with a 100-120 gallon tank. Those mentioned above may appear huge, but the goldfish breed can attain expansions beyond afoot at their grown-up size depending upon the variety. For the most appropriate tanks concerning your goldfish, you should begin with a 100-120 gallon tank. But if you do not have enough space, you must begin with a 30-40 gallon tank because the goldfish will grow to be 1-2 feet, and you will need to upgrade your tank. So it is always better to start with a bigger size tank, in the first place. Another reason to get a bigger tank is that the goldfish’s decay will accumulate at the bottom of the tank, and goldfish excrete very often no matter how little you feed them. This will lead to water contamination, and your goldfish will not be able to survive in it for too long.

Get a suitable tank for your Goldfish

For the fittest health of your goldfish, you will need not a bowl-like aquarium but a tank. It’s simple to add items to a tank-like aquarium, with an oxygen pump that will enhance your goldfish’s well-being and help it to stay viable. Vessels like tanks also have filters, which will retain the disinfected water disinfected to help your fish stay alive. Yet, tanks can be pricey, so if you cannot provide one, get a huge bowl-like aquarium and rotate the water regularly as feasible.

Do not Chlorinate the water

Chlorine detected in tap water is fatal to your goldfish and will not be able to survive more than a day. To clear your tap water of chlorine, let it rest for several days to allow the chlorine to disperse independently. It’s also reasonable to get a water dechlorinator to counterbalance chlorine and other toxic constituents, usually found in tap water.

Try not to overfeed your Goldfish

Excess amounts of food can decay the tank and pollute the water your goldfish is breathing in. Avoid giving your goldfish more than a small pinch of fish food around feeding time to circumvent contaminating the water.

Clean the fish tank and the water regularly

You do not solely have to clean the fish food decay in the tank, but the goldfish deck accumulated at the bottom of the tank has to be cleaned regularly. This can pollute the water, and polluted water can deprive the goldfish of oxygen and freshwater, killing them fast. Keep your fish tank fresh by rotating out the water every day; you can also install a filter that will help to keep the tank as clean and fresh as possible.

Entertain your Goldfish in your free time

Load the tank or fishbowl base with colorful stones and add a mirror or playthings to entertain your goldfish. This will present a more attractive fish tank and a good environment for your goldfish to survive in.

Install an air pump

An oxygen pump or an aerator will enrich oxygen in the tank so your goldfish can breathe in fresh oxygenated water. Unfortunately, fish tanks are more likely to have inadequate oxygen, leading to a sick goldfish.

The temperature of the tank 

Goldfish can live in different water temperatures; however, it is better to keep the temperature ideal for them to swim in every day. A temperature change might cause them discomfort. The best temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit for stability. If you have a better tank, then the temperature change will not be as drastic because there is more volume.


A goldfish can be a great first pet. You might have to spend a little more money to buy the tank and the filtration system, but the fish will not bother you too much by itself. When you start adding goldfish, do not put too many fish at one time into the tank. You can slowly add some later but make sure the fish in the tank have enough space to move around. If you follow everything mentioned above, then your goldfish should be quite healthy, and it can live quite long.