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Six Most Expensive Breeds Of House Cats

Love for furry friends does not necessarily mean you have to shell out thousands to own them.  But having these exotic pets are a fetish for some and pure curiosity and love for
others. Without siding with any group, here is a list of feline friends you can buy if you have bottomless pockets.



Savannah’s became a people’s favorite almost two decades back in a hybrid cross between the
domestic cats and the servals (wild African cats). The Savannah cats are pretty large, and
they hold the Guinness record for the world’s tallest domestic cats.

The Savannah has a perfect mix of everything; spotted coat, long legs, deep eyes, and the
trademark tear stain around the eyes. The cats are pretty energetic (owing to their wild
ancestry) and require proper training to make them gel in with the domestic lifestyle. The exotic
pet gives off the aura of grandeur with its lush and vibrant golden coat.

The breed is relatively new and was developed by Joyce Sroufe, who bred the cats and named
the first generation Savannah. Owing to their large size and long legs, the cats quickly leap onto
the cabinets.

The price ranges from $1000 to $12500, depending on the variant, making them the most
expensive cat in the world.

It is important to note that the first five generations of male Savannah are infertile; thus, the
females demand a much larger price.


These agile and energetic cats are a cross between Asian leopard cats and domestic
shorthairs. The playful cat is brilliant, and it may take a while for the owners to meet the
demands of this inquisitive energy ball.

They are active climbers, climbing on stuff and shelves; hence it would be better to create safe
spaces for your kitten to jump on. If not trained properly, these cats may take some habits that
may not be welcoming, like scratching your furniture. So, make sure that you have enough
activities to release their energies and one efficient scratch-board.

The breed was developed in the 1960s. Hence, it is relatively safe to say that the current
available Bengals are domesticated to four-five generations. Priced at $5000 to $10,000, the
muscular feline pets will keep you on your toes all day long.



The long-haired beauty originated in Persia (now Iran) long ago and was noticed in the
seventeenth century. These gentle and quiet cats are often affectionate; they love to cuddle and
receive attention from their parents. They can easily accommodate themselves in tiny homes
and are neither too agile nor too jumpy. However, they do not prefer noisy places, thus
going out for a walk may not be their cup of tea.

However, these cats require long grooming sessions due to their long hair. Moreover, they need
humans around as they form bonds quite quickly. Leaving them alone locked up for a long time might lead to psychological issues.

The cats might cost you anywhere between $1200 to $3000.

Russian Blue

The exotic pets can be traced from Russia (as the name suggests) and are very loyal.
The cat is independent and can look after themselves. However, you might need stimulations
like toys to release their energy. They also demand very few grooming sessions, so it is an ideal
choice for you until you want a cuddly cat. They also do not like loud noises. They
are also very hostile to a new family as they love undivided attention.

The sleek and light-eyed beauty may cost you anywhere between $800 – $1200. Get yourself a
loyal pet who will wait for you at the door after a long day for you to cuddle too.


The blue-eyed furry ball is a perfect fit for you if you love cuddling. They originated around the
1960s in California.

These are laid-back cats with a furry coat that gives them a more prominent appearance than
they really are. They go limp when they are held, giving them the name of ragdoll. They love
affection and follow you around demanding cuddling with you. You must make sure
that they regularly exercise, or their laidback nature will make them overweight.

These fluffy pets will cost you between $400 to $2000, depending on the quality.

Egyptian Mau

The only naturally spotted domestic cat, Mau, is a highly agile and energetic cat.
With a coat that comes in stunning shades of smoke, silver, and bronze, the cats are one of the
most ancient breeds to be domesticated. Long back to the times when pharaohs ruled the
Egyptian land. The cat with its spotted coat and the light eyes lined by the dark-colored coat in
the inner brim is a distinctive trademark. It loves to play and climb on surfaces. Thus, it makes
an ideal house pet.

It may cost you around $700 to $1200 to bring one home.

A gentle reminder:

It is generally suggested to adopt for pets rather than buy. Giving a loving home and a caring
family to the pets will bring tons of joy for both parties. Though it may take quite a while for them
to adjust to the new environment and build back the trust, the pets will love you unconditionally.


These cats can be great companions if you are not a dog person. However, you must take care of
important stuff like grooming and regular veterinarian visits if you want them safe and healthy for
a long time