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The Best Snake Breeds For New Owners

If you have recently taken the plunge into reptile ownership and want a snake to call your own, there is much to consider before making a decision. With dozens of different types of snakes available worldwide, selecting one can be daunting. Not only do you need to understand the specific requirements of each species, but you also need to find comfort in choosing one that fits your lifestyle and budget. To make it easy on yourself, read this article outlining which breeds make great first-time pets, their characteristics, cost considerations, and more!


Ball Python


Ball pythons are a great choice for folks looking to enter the reptile world because of their relatively small size, mellow temperament, and remarkable handling ability. These code-named ‘royal’ snakes typically grow between 2 and 5 feet in length, thus generally requiring less space than some of the larger snake breeds.

In addition, they are an ideal choice for people who don’t have a lot of experience with reptiles; ball pythons can easily be tamed and even become pretty docile with regular contact from handlers. As one of the most popular snake breeds among pet owners, plenty of information is widely available to help care for this species. For those that want a pet snake in their life, whether you’re an experienced reptile owner or just getting started – the ball python is sure to provide an enjoyable experience.

Corn Snake


The corn snake is an ideal breed for new owners, as its docile nature, affordability, and variety of available morphs make it the perfect starter pet. This small to medium-sized constrictor can make an ideal house or apartment pet due to its manageable size and temperature demands, living comfortably at room temperature with a few necessary accessories like a hide box and a water bowl. Their agility means they are easy to handle, making them great for novice snake owners.

Additionally, corn snakes come in a huge array of different morphs, giving potential owners a vast selection of vibrant colors, pattern combinations, and shapes to choose from – whether they want a beginner pet or something more unique. Overall this breed makes a wonderful pet due to its relatively low cost and many color variations, coupled with needing only minimal attention.

Rainbow Boa


The Rainbow Boa is an ideal breed of snake for new owners due to its docile temperament, low maintenance needs, and remarkable array of colors. They typically grow to lengths between 5-7 feet and may live up to 28 years. They handle gently and rarely exhibit aggression during handling – this makes the perfect pet for reptile enthusiasts looking for a pet that won’t be too challenging to take care of.

In addition, the rainbow boa features beautiful scales in various shades, which have earned it its name. This makes them even more attractive, as no two rainbow boas will look exactly alike! With proper care, experienced snake owners and first-time keepers alike can enjoy watching their boa slither around and explore their cage in all its multicolored glory.

California Kingsnake


The California kingsnake is an ideal snake breed for new owners. These snakes are non-venomous, hardy, and easy to keep in captivity. California kingsnakes have docile temperaments and rarely bite or become overly aggressive with proper care and handling. They can adapt quickly to their environment, making them easily kept with few special requirements.

They also require minimal space and come in different color mutations that are aesthetically appealing. Further, they feed on frozen rodents readily available at pet stores, making it easier for new owners to maintain their diet without much trouble. The California kingsnake is great for beginners and experienced snake owners alike!

Garter Snake


The garter snake is a great breed for new owners due to its ease of care and ability to adapt to most environments. It’s one of the most common species that people buy since it’s hardy and not too expensive. Garter snakes are generally peaceful animals, which is attractive to many who want an enjoyable pet.

Depending on their subspecies, they also have various colors and patterns, which can be eye-catching additions to any home. Additionally, garter snakes eat readily available feeder fish or rodents, making them relatively easy to provide nutrients. All in all, the garter snake may well be the perfect choice for someone wanting an easy-going snake as their companion!

Rosy Boa


The rosy boa is a great breed of snake for new owners, as they are peaceful and undemanding. The colors and patterns on these snakes make them attractive additions to any pet collection. In contrast, their curious nature makes it much easier to interact with them in comparison to other breeds. As they remain a reasonable size of 45-90 cm, they do not require housing that is too large or cumbersome, which makes them much easier to handle.

They are also very hardy animals and require minimal maintenance once you have established the proper substrates, temperature, and nutritional requirements. These reasons make the rosy boa an ideal breed for novice or beginner snake owners.

Western Hognose Snake


The western hognose snake is an excellent choice for new snake owners because of its hardy temperament and attractive appearance. Its wide range of colors, pattern variations, and interesting defensive behaviors attract people of all ages. In addition, its calm attitude makes it easy to handle and safe to keep around children making it a prime choice for families with young kids.

Moreover, the western hognose’s natural diet (primarily consisting of amphibious prey) makes feeding them straightforward and stress-free, unlike some other breeds, which can be more challenging to provide food for. With predictable behavior and minimal care requirements, the western hognose snake is an ideal first snake choice for new owners who want to own a stunning breed without too much hassle.

Brown Snake


The brown snake is an excellent breed for new owners due to its relative safety and ease of care. These non-venomous constrictors are relatively small, so you can easily manage them with basic equipment and appropriate housing. Additionally, their mild temperament makes them more amenable to handling, and unlike other snakes, they typically do not defend themselves aggressively when disturbed.

Regarding feeding, the brown snake is readily available in the pet trade and has a diverse diet, including lizards, eggs, and other small rodents. They require minimal maintenance protocols to remain healthy, such as maintaining proper humidity and temperature inside a terrarium. Also, its life span can reach up to 15 years if taken care of properly; this provides excellent companionship for years to come. All these factors combine to create the perfect snake breed for novice owners looking for a low-commitment entry into reptile keeping.

Get One Of These Best Snake Breeds For New Owners Today!

Whether you’re looking for a pet snake with a docile temperament, an easy-to-handle size, interesting colors, or any combination of these factors, the snakes listed above are some of the best available. With the right care and attention, these reptiles can provide long-term companionship while being relatively undemanding and manageable. So, if you’re a new snake owner looking for the perfect pet, why not consider one of these breeds today? You won’t be disappointed!