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The Best Cat Products Of 2022

What cat doesn’t love to play? Cats are probably the most playful animals on earth. Every day they chase their prey, pounce on unsuspecting birds, and wrestle with one another for dominance. They also enjoy lounging around in sunbeams or playing with a favorite toy. But what if your cat is getting bored of his old toys? What if he wants something new to stimulate him? Here are some of the best cats products out today that will make your pet happy!


Vesper Modern Cat Tree

You can have your cat feeling like they own their own home in Vesper’s V-Box Cat Tree! This item allows your cat to play, explore, scratch, and unwind in various ways. They may sharpen her claws on the scratching post instead of ripping up your furniture or carpet! While snoozing, it’s easy for them to curl up in the cube-shaped cubby or lay back on one of the soft pillows if they want to rest and unwind. When they wake from their nap and are ready to play, the ball will be waiting for them! 

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Are you tired of buying things for your cat that they grow tired of fast? The Cat Scratcher Lounge from PetFusion doubles as a cat scratcher and a lounge, promising to keep your finicky companions coming back for more. Made especially for cats that like to scratch, play, and relax. Many cats prefer cardboard since it reminds them of their days as kittens when they were scratchers. This scratcher lounge provides your cats with the sensation of cardboard while they relax and scratch at the same time. Designed for people who want to reclaim ownership of their homes, this is a no-brainer. Finally, a pet product with a beautiful design that fits well with whatever furniture you have in your home! 

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave Bed

The ultimate cat cave is a handcrafted masterpiece composed of 100% New Zealand Merino wool felted to create a thick, warm fabric through a wet-felting method. The multiple layers of wool ensure that this high-quality cat bed will never lose its shape. The Meowfia cat cave is sweat-free and breathable, ensuring that your cat stays cool in the heat of summer and cozy in the winter. Completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetics, there is no worry that this product will have any adverse effects on your cat. 

JUNSPOW Pet Hammock Bed

A calmed cat will find it easier to fall asleep on a soft-feeling, security-providing bed. This hammock is made of a breathable material, has an easy-to-clean design, is water-resistant, and is year-round use friendly. The suspended design of this cat hammock means it stays cool even during the summertime and warm during the winter since your cat will not have to touch the cold ground. Since this bed has a simple assembly process, it can easily be put back in its bag and stored until it’s needed again! 

FurryFido Laser Cat Toy

You can start an exciting, action-packed game with the FurryFido laser toy by just pressing a button. This toy will have your cat sprinting in minutes! Their inner hunter is activated by the moving point, piquing their natural desire to chase other animals and sending them on a hunt that will get their hearts racing. With exercise day and night, your cat will be active for hours. Connect the USB end to any outlet or computer to recharge it when the fun is done. This laser also includes UV detection and a light function, allowing it to be used for more than just entertainment. It’s constructed of high-quality stainless steel and is extremely portable. 

Potaroma Catnip Wall Toy

With this wall toy, you can put four different types of cat’s favorite balls in the groove board, but you can take each one out for individual usage. It’s simple to mount securely to walls or other smooth surfaces with the bonus sturdy double-sided adhesive tape. So you can be sure it won’t fall off the wall no matter how your cat decides they want to play with it! The toy is entirely natural, so it’s non-toxic and safe for cats, and the catnip balls will keep your cat happy all day long! 


With all these fantastic cat products out today, you will never have to worry about your cats getting bored again! Your cat can find endless hours of entertainment with just one of these products, and it’s guaranteed that they will love every second.