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Top 8 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Who in the world does not love dogs? The American Kennel Club has recently come up with the
list of best dog breeds. For many years Americans have always loved and admired Labradors
and Retrievers. But today, you will get to know more about dogs and their breeds in this article.

 Labrador Retriever

Labradors are very friendly and the most active dogs. They have held the uppermost place for
more than 28 years in a row. Labrador Retrievers are fast and furious when it comes to hunting.
They are very friendly and easy-going as well.

German Shepherd

A German shepherd is a large, agile, muscular dog of noble character and high intelligence. They
are not for you if you cannot spend time with them as they need a lot of affection and training.
When they are left alone, they can become afraid and dull and are likely to express their worries
by howling.
These dogs shed a lot, and because of shedding a lot, you must brush them several times a week.
The German shepherd is the happiest living indoors with the family but with a large yard to burn
off some of their natural energy. Crate training is not only an excellent way to house train. It also
helps them stay calm and be happy when separated from the owner, as they are very emotional
and suffer from anxiety when left alone or isolated. A German shepherd diet should be for a large sized breed with energy and exercise needs.

Great Dane
Primarily for hunting, but now they’re a gentle soul who gets well with other dogs, animals, and
humans. They have an athletic, muscular body. Like additional giant dogs, they are short-lived.
Great Dane can get cold during winters, so do not leave them outside in colder climates. They
are single-coated dogs, and during winters, they need a protective coat or a sweater to keep them
warm. Their ears need weekly checkups as they are prone to redness and foul odor, indicating an infection. Don’t do anything in the ear canal, and just clean the outer ear.

The American Bulldog 

American Bulldog are very playful and muscular, but they are also very active and built to
chase down stray cows and animals and help with farm work. Some can even jump six feet or
more into the air. They are very protective yet very friendly. They are also very sensible, and they
do not harm babies and toddlers.
This breed does not do well when they are left alone for long hours and need a lot of attention
from the owner. They are not well suited for apartment life and prefer a large fence yard to roam
around; they are outdoor dogs and cannot stay indoors for a long time.
This breed is playful, can do well with families, and is very active. This breed is also slightly
brachycephalic, which means they have small snouts. They cannot tolerate hot temperatures. If
they sweat excessively, it is essential to make sure they have enough water. They are big and muscular, and sometimes they get aggressive while playing or drilling, so make
sure they don’t play with smaller breeds as they might harm them. They need a lot of training and
attention to turn into lovable and friendly.

Chi Chi
The Chi-Chi is a mixed breed dog, a cross between the chihuahua and Chinese crested dog
breeds. Some of the more common health problems Chi-Chi’s suffer from include; luxating
patellas, dental disease, and dry eye.
Chi chis are prone to weight gain, and they have high energy levels. Make sure your Chi Chis get
excellent one-hour drilling or play-session every day, or else they might gain weight. As with all
dogs, Chi-Chi dietary needs will change from puppyhood to adulthood and continue to adjust to
their senior years. So proper dietary care is essential.

This breed has powerful, deep-toned barks for dogs their capacity, and they do like to bark and
howl. It is necessary to keep a check on your Dachshund’s food consumption and keep them fit
and at a wholesome weight. They need regular exercise, or else they might gain weight.
Your Dachshund will probably be a one soul dog. They are skeptical towards strangers as it is
their fundamental nature, and they need training and socializing from a young age. The
dachshund has a lot of vitality and spirit. They love to walk or play outdoors with other dogs, and
they like to seek and dig. They are also active inside the house and can do well in small living
sections as long they can moderate daily activity.

Golden Retriever
These are the best and the primarily friendly dogs for your house. They are protective and very
affectionate. They also need a lot of attention, but they are very loyal and caring. They are known
to be the most friendly and loving breed of dogs.

French Bulldog
These are very easy-going dogs and have unique personalities. This breed is prevalent in New
York, San Francisco, and Miami.
They are also adorable and loving. They even need a lot of attention as they are anxious when
left alone or separated. If you are looking forward to getting a new dog, make sure you have
enough spare time to spend with your dog and train them. All dogs need a lot of attention and
love, or else they suffer from anxiety and depression.

So to train your dog and keep them happy and active, you need some spare time. It takes a lot of
effort to prepare them, so you also need to be patient, and soon your dog will grow up and love
you more than you love yourself.