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Top Tips For Potty Training Your Pet

There are many reasons why you might want to train your dog. Maybe the dog is jumping on the furniture, barking excessively, or chewing up shoes. However, the most common reason you probably need to train your pet is to stop them from going to the bathroom on your floor. Training a pet can be hard work and often frustrating for both humans and animals alike. That’s because it requires commitment from both parties, patience, and consistency. Here are some of our best tips to get started with potty training your pet if you struggle with this!


Keep A Consistent Schedule

Keep a consistent schedule when potty training your pet. This means taking them outside at the same time every day. Your pet will eventually learn to go outside after a certain amount of time has elapsed. It might take a little while for your dog to get used to this new routine, but once they do, it will be much easier for you.

Be Patient

Patience is helpful when your dog is trying to learn something new, as it helps you teach them. Remember that this is a new process, and your pet will make mistakes. Don’t get angry at them. Instead, calmly take them outside to the designated potty spot and praise them when they go in the right place.

Create A Potty Area

Designate an area where your pet can relieve themselves, such as a particular area in the yard or on a patch of grass you’ve set up expressly for this purpose. This will help your pet understand that they need to go potty in this particular area and not anywhere else in the house or yard. It will also help them create a routine of going potty, which is essential for your dog when going to the bathroom in the right spots.

Be Aware Of Cues

Dogs are very good at picking up on cues from their owners, so be aware of the signals you might be giving off that tell your pet it’s time to go potty. Other cues can include taking your pet out after they’ve eaten or played and when they start to whine or pace around the house.

Reward Them For Going In The Right Place

Praising your pet when they go in the right place is essential for reinforcing good behavior. This can be anything from verbal praise to treats or even a pat on the head. Be sure to lavish them with praises and rewards whenever they potty in the designated spot, as this will help to encourage them to do it again in the future. One good idea is to bring treats with you when you take them out so as soon as they finish, you will be right there to give them their reward, that way, they fully understand why it is they are getting a treat.

Control Their Diet

One of the reasons your pet might be having accidents in the house is a full bladder or bowel. You can help prevent this by controlling their diet and making sure they can only eat and drink as much as they need. This will help them learn that they can only relieve themselves when they are outside. Also, be sure not to give them too much water before going to bed at night, which can lead to accidents.

Get Them Plenty Of Exercise

Dogs need plenty of exercise, and going for walks is a great way to give them the exercise they need while also helping with potty training. A tired dog is less likely to have an accident in the house, so make sure you take your pet on walks every day. Another reason this may help your pet potty training is that they will relieve themselves more easily outside when they have had a chance to run and play.

Use A Crate To Help With Training

If you find that your pet is having difficulty with potty training, using a crate can be a helpful way to correct the behavior. Make sure you only leave them in the crate for a short period of time, and that you take them outside regularly so they can relieve themselves. When they are in the crate, they cannot relieve themselves anywhere else in the house, which will help to train them only to go potty outside.

Don’t Punish Them For Accidents

If your pet has an accident in the house, it is important not to punish them. This will only make them anxious and scared, which will lead to them being even more challenging to train. Clean up the mess quickly and calmly, and then take your pet outside to the potty spot so they can understand what they did wrong. You can also try using a noisemaker or spray bottle to startle your pet when they have an accident so that they know that this is not acceptable behavior.


Following these tips should help make potty training your pet a little bit easier. Be patient, and be sure to reward your pet for good behavior. With a little bit of effort, you should be able to have your pet potty trained in no time! It’s also good to remember that potty training your pet doesn’t happen overnight. It can take up to a few weeks or even a couple of months to fully potty train your dog or cat. Even then, accidents happen; keep working with them and eventually learn!