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What Spiders Make The Best Pets

Spiders are the scariest yet most astonishing creatures on the planet. They make one of the most exotic pets in the world. Spiders often bring forth the notion of fear and the spite of being
poisoned. However, many different species of spiders can make excellent pets that are not venomous. Spiders make an ideal pet because they are cheaper and have low maintenance.
The most popular spider pet species are the tarantulas. However, many tarantula species make the most beautiful exotic pet in your room. Here is a list of different types of spiders that you can
keep as your pet.


Dolomedes – Fishing Spider

The common name “Fishing Spider” gives a direct interpretation of this spider species habitat.
The fishing spider has an aquatic habitat with abilities to dive and swim, and its diet includes
tadpoles, flies, small fishes, and some toads. They might seem huge and scary at first glance,
but they are the opposite of it. They are harmless and have a two-year life span. You will need a
tank with a set-up including a water pool and some plants to simulate its habitat. Their average
size is four to five inches.

Avicularia – Pink Toed Tarantula

The pink toed tarantulas are native to South America and have a tree-dwelling habitat. Being
native to South America, they are suited for hot, humid, and tropical climates. They are passive
and make an excellent exotic pet for beginners or novice spider care-takers. They require a
taller tank and plenty of spaces to climb. Cohabitation is possible in this species only if the tank
is 20 gallons in size. They have an average lifespan of up to five years.

Heteropoda Maxima – Huntsman Spider

As their name suggests, Huntsman Spiders are hunters to their prey and are swift in their
movements. Unlike other spider species waiting for their prey to fall into their web, the huntsman
spider chases their prey. They are native to Florida and are capable of biting when one annoys
them. Huntsman spiders can be as giant as 12 inches to as small as two inches. The smaller
ones are best to be your pet. They tend to be social as they live in groups. They have a two-year life span.

Toltecatl Albopilosum – Curly Hair Tarantula

The curly hair tarantula can be the most exquisite spider pet species to handle. They have black
to brown body color with bronze hair on their body that gives a woolen coat appearance to the
spider. The curly hair spider is calm and bites by injecting venom when spooked. Thus, one
should avoid putting their hand in the tank. This species is ideal for pet owners who wouldn’t
want to interact with their pets. They have an average size of around 6 inches with a lifespan of
four to ten years.

 Grammostola – Chilean Rose Tarantula

The Grammostola is the most beautiful eye-pleasing spider with its unique shades of colors.
They are in many pet stores. This tarantula species is compliant and a slow-growing pet,
making it an ideal attribute that one looks for in a pet.

 Zebra Spider

The Zebra Spider originates from Costa Rica and has two white stripes on its knees. This spider
species tend to be timid, which makes them difficult to handle. However, their unique
appearance makes them look adorable and the most wanted exotic pet. The ten-gallon tanks
should have some grass and be at temperatures between 75 – 80 Fahrenheit. They are escape
artists when it comes to fleeing the cold temperatures by making burrows. They can live as long
as 20 years.

Red Knee Spider

The red knee spider is native to Mexico and Panama. These spider species have the longest life
span, which is about 30 years. The appealing red color makes it attractive and gives a tropical
appearance. These are the most common species found in pet stores. The red knee spiders are
venomous, which is an identical quality to other tarantula species. They only bite when felt
threatened but are easier to handle.


Thus, spiders are the most beautiful pets globally and are often misunderstood for their fright
instincts. It isn’t easy to choose the best spider to be your pet. One can instantly choose if the
spider’s behavior matches the qualities you are looking for in a pet. Make spiders your pet, and
you will never regret them