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What To Play On Your TV For Pets While Your Away

Leaving your pets at home can often lead to feelings of guilt and worry. Are they bored? Are they lonely? While everyone would love to spend every moment with their four-legged friends, it’s simply not always possible. But what if there was a way to keep them entertained even when you’re not home? Enter your TV – a tool that’s not just for human entertainment. It can provide a source of comfort and distraction for your pet, too.

In this post, you’ll explore why you should consider leaving your TV on for your pets when you’re away, what kind of content you should play, and how to ensure this practice is as beneficial and safe as possible for your furry friends. Whether you’re out at work, running errands, or away for the weekend, read on to discover how to best utilize your TV to keep your pets content and engaged.


Why You Should Play On Your TV For Your Pets


The TV can serve as an excellent source of entertainment for your pets. The combination of sound and moving images can provide mental stimulation that helps alleviate loneliness and anxiety. For pets, much like humans, having something engaging to focus on can lead to a happier, calmer demeanor.

But not just any program will do. Pets have specific needs and interests when it comes to visual and auditory stimulation. Therefore, the content you choose to play on your TV should be carefully selected with your pet’s preferences and well-being in mind.

Choosing What To Play On Your TV


Choosing what to play on your TV for your pet isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. Different pets will have different preferences, with some enjoying fast-paced animation while others prefer slower, more peaceful visuals. Auditory stimulation is also crucial. Some animals are soothed by nature sounds or calming music, while others might prefer the hustle and bustle of human voices or city sounds.

It’s also crucial to ensure that the content is pet-friendly. Shows or movies with loud noises, violent scenes, or other potentially stressful elements should be avoided. Age-appropriate content is also a factor to consider – younger pets might appreciate playful animations, while older pets might enjoy slower, more relaxing visuals and sounds.

Animal-Friendly Channels


There are several TV channels explicitly designed for pet entertainment. One such channel, DogTV, is scientifically designed to keep dogs stimulated and happy, with programs involving other dogs, calming landscapes, and peaceful music.

Similarly, CatTV offers shows that feature birds, fish, and other small animals, providing cats with an engaging ‘hunting’ experience from the safety of their own home. These channels take the guesswork out of what to play on your TV, offering an easy and effective solution for pet entertainment.

Streaming Platforms And Pet Content


Streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime also have a wealth of pet-friendly content. These range from nature documentaries (avoid those with predators if you have a small pet!) to animations designed specifically for pets.

YouTube, in particular, has a vast array of videos created with pets in mind – there are even channels dedicated to relaxing music and imagery for dogs and cats. These platforms offer a significant advantage in that you can set them to autoplay, ensuring a continuous stream of content for your pet even on long days away.

Music And Soundscapes


TV doesn’t just offer visual stimulation – it can also be an excellent source of auditory entertainment for your pets. Many animals respond positively to certain types of music. Classical music, in particular, has been shown to have a calming effect on pets.

Additionally, soundscapes such as the sound of rain, waves, or bird calls can also provide soothing background noise for your pet. Experiment with different types of music and soundscapes to see what your pet responds to best.

Video Games And Interactive Content


Believe it or not, pets can engage with video games, too! Games or interactive content can be a great way to keep your pet entertained. Some pets, particularly cats, can be captivated by the movements and colors of simple games displayed on the screen.

There are also a number of interactive games and apps designed specifically for pets, some of which can be played on a smart TV. However, these should be used in moderation, as too much screen time can potentially overstimulate your pet.

Safety Measures When Using TV For Pets

While using the TV for pet entertainment offers many benefits, safety should always be a priority. Ensure that your TV and any related electronics are securely placed and that any cables are safely out of reach.

In addition, be mindful of the volume level when leaving your TV on for your pets. Sounds that are too loud can cause distress or damage your pet’s hearing. Always err on the side of caution and set the volume at a comfortable level.

Alternatives and Complementary Options To TV

While TV can be a wonderful source of entertainment for your pets, it’s worth considering additional options to provide a comprehensive care experience. Pet cameras, for instance, can be a great way to monitor your pet’s behavior and even interact with them remotely.

Also, never underestimate the power of toys and feeding puzzles to keep your pet engaged. Interactive toys provide not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation, making them a great complement to the audio-visual entertainment provided by the TV.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying the value of playing on your TV for pets when you’re away. It can serve as an excellent source of stimulation, entertainment, and comfort, helping to ease any anxiety they might feel in your absence.

Remember, every pet is unique, so it’s important to consider your pet’s individual preferences and needs when choosing what to play. Whether it’s a pet-specific TV channel, a relaxing soundscape, or an interactive game, there’s a wealth of options available to keep your pet content. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your pet is entertained and at ease, while you’re away is certainly worth the effort.