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Smartest Birds You Can Keep As A Pet

Birds are one of the most popular pets in the world. They’re easy to take care of, they don’t require a lot of space or attention, and there’s no need for an exotic vet! Birds are fascinating to watch, they make great alarm clocks, and they can be extremely affectionate. You can keep many different types of birds as pets – some are very intelligent while others are more independent. The smartest species available for domestication include African grey parrots and cockatoos. If you’re thinking about getting a bird for your next pet, here are some great suggestions.


African Grey Parrot

If you’re not planning on leaving your bird alone for long periods, an African grey parrot might be the best choice. This highly intelligent bird is one of the best pets you can choose if you want an animal that can mimic and learn tricks quickly. They’ll even mimic human voices! However, they need a lot of attention to feel comfortable. You need to play with them several times per day so that they don’t get bored or sad. These birds can easily become depressed like other intelligent birds without enough stimulation! 

Amazon Parrot

These parrots originate from the rainforest and like to fly around and explore forests in the wild. However, they enjoy playing with people and other pets. They prefer spending time socializing rather than training, but they like cuddling and playing games with their owners. Amazon parrots can live up to 40 years, so if you’re ready to take on a long-term pet, this might be the best bird for you.


Cockatoos are very independent pets and require lots of space to be happy; however, they make great companions because they love playing games and spending time with their owners. They can mimic human voices, like African grey parrots, and you can train them to do tricks! The cockatoo is often described as a “smooth-billed” or “velvet-faced” bird because they have tiny beaks that are hard to see. 


Parakeets are very friendly birds that love being around humans. They can learn many different words and phrases, but will be just as happy with your company! Parakeets only need a small cage to be content, so giving them plenty of attention each day is easy. They’re also pretty great at talking to you – if they don’t learn a phrase from you, they’ll pick it up from TV! Make sure to give them enough space when you’re around to ensure that they get your attention. If you’re busy, consider getting another pet instead of this social one!


Macaws are curious and friendly birds. They don’t get along with everyone, but they love to play games and cuddle! This bird is best for experienced owners who can handle their energy and watch out for their sharp beak. Macaws like to chew on furniture and wires around the house, so make sure you know how to take care of this curiosity before you adopt a macaw! They excel in the “intelligence” category but require more responsibility and experience than other birds. If you’re not up for the challenge, consider looking at some of the other birds on this list that are available as pets.


The budgie is pretty easy to care for and even comes in different species, like green and blue budgies. These birds are very active during the day, so be prepared to give them enough space to run around when they get excited. Be aware that you’ll need to clean their cage every week or two to keep it sanitary! If you’re looking for an interactive pet, the budgie is a great choice! This bird is one of the best choices for a beginner.


Birds are very social pets that require a lot of attention from their owners! Many birds also become upset if they’re left alone for too long, so ensure that you have plenty of time to give your pet lots of love and affection daily. If you’re looking for an intelligent bird with a lot of personalities, consider getting one of the ones listed above! You will have lots of fun with your new companion. If you have any more questions, try going to a pet store and ask an employee for more information.